The symptoms of rosacea can vary greatly from one person to another. Some people may have just one symptom, while others may have a combination of symptoms. Some may experience symptoms only occasionally, while others may have symptoms that are always present. Some of the most common symptoms include those listed below.

Facial redness

One of the most common symptoms of rosacea is frequent flushing (blushing) or facial redness that looks something like sunburn. In fact, a 2015 study showed that 87% of people with rosacea experienced flushing or redness of cheeks, chin, or nose. This facial redness may appear occasionally or be ever-present, and is often one of the primary signs of the disorder. Although difficult to treat, Galderma offers a topical gel to help relieve redness.

Bumps and blemishes

Some people with rosacea experience small red bumps or blemishes. These breakouts may resemble acne but are very different. They occur without the blackheads that are associated with acne, and may sting or burn. It is important to be properly diagnosed and treated for rosacea, because some acne medicines are just too harsh for the sensitive skin of rosacea and may actually make the condition worse. Galderma offers treatments for these symptoms, including a topical cream and an oral rosacea medicine.

Skin thickening and eye irritation

There are other symptoms of rosacea that can occur occasionally, including thickened skin and eye irritation. There are currently no prescription medicines to treat these rosacea symptoms; however, laser or surgical therapy for skin thickening and oral and topical medicines for eye irritation are sometimes used.

Other indications you may have rosacea include:

  • Visible blood vessels
  • Facial swelling (with or without other symptoms of rosacea)
  • Plaques or raised red patches
  • Facial sensations, such as burning, stinging, or itching

Although the symptoms of rosacea are most commonly found on the face, they may also develop on other parts of the body, including the neck, chest, scalp, or ears.

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